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About Us Whats this site about?

Pets.13Deals.com is the newest member of the 13deals.com family. Like it's older brother(www.13deals.com), we are all about bringing you 13 awesome "Wow I can't believe it" deals. Only that at Pets.13deals, we focus on amazing pet deals! If you have a www.13deals.com account, it will work on Pets.13deals.com. Of course it works the other way too.

We bring you items that are low in price and high in quality.

Alright, so what's the catch?

Ok, so you caught us. There is a catch. We only offer 13 ITEMS AT A TIME.
Once we sell out, we sell out. So thinking it over and coming back tomorrow is not the way to go here, as we will most likely be out of what you wanted.

Ok, any other catches?


Can I buy 1,000?

Maybe, just check the item details. It will give you the order limit per customer. Most of the time the limit is around 5, however there are no discounts in the price of the product for multiple ordering.

Shipping; you charge an arm and a leg right?

Not really, more like a finger. The shipping charges are clearly stated on the checkout screen. The good news is that the most you will ever pay to ship your entire order is $5.99. Yup, even our shipping is a great deal!

*Please note: Please make sure that the address that you provide in your shipping details is verifiable by FedEx and USPS. If your order is returned to us due to insufficient address and we are unable to reach you to clarify the issue in a timely manner, you will be refunded for the order at 75% due to a restocking fee. As previously stated, shipping is non-refundable.

When will my item ship out?

Most of the time within 24 hours, however it can take up to 10 days. Our shipping methods vary depending on the product, but we mainly ship via Fedex.

Do you offer shipping outside USA?

We ship to anyone in the USA. At this time shipping outside of the US cost too much and pretty much kill the DEALS!

Do you offer a warranty?

Well, kinda. If the item is broken when you receive it.... not likely, then yes, we will replace or refund. In this case, you must notify us within 14 days of shipping date. Other than that, you would deal with the manufacturer. If you simply don't like the item... well no. We suggest selling it on eBay for a profit or giving it to someone on a birthday you forgot about.

Can I send a check?

No, at this time we only accept PayPal and credit cards. Also, note that the charge on your card will be Jammin' Butter, our parent company.

Can you email me when you have something new?

Hmmm, you were not reading above were you? Anyways, yup we are happy to do so. Just look below, we've made it easy for you

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